I’m passionate about SQL Server. But I feel like I haven’t reached my full potential yet. So, this is my mission: My purpose is to help people in their pursuit of growth and development; and, thereby, help myself realize my full potential as a professional, husband, father, christian, and human being.

Hi, there! It's me, Marlon. Welcome to my blog!Hi there! This is Marlon. I am a Data Worker™. I am a co-author of the book SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services Blueprints published by Packt Publishing.

Most of my office hours are spent on analyzing aerospace engineering data. I am a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) on SQL Server.The world doesn’t need another tech blog. Hence, this blog is dedicated to my journey toward my career goals.

You could expect that most of my posts are about learning, tinkering, and musing on SQL Server, Database Development, BI, and data in general. I don’t claim expertise on any of the topics discussed in this blog. I love learning stuff, and writing about them gives me a channel with which I am able to share what I learned. This blog is syndicated through SQL Server Central and SQL Server Pedia – two of the biggest SQL Server resource websites in the world. You can find my old SQL blog here.

I love the Tech Community, specially the SQL Server Community. I always try to get myself involved in the tech community as much as my availability would allow. I have been involved in organizing SQL Saturday events in my area (LA/OC County – Southern California). I have also volunteered in some SoCal Code Camp.

Welcome to my blog!

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