Agile way of acquiring SQL Server skills


You probably heard about 7 Days To OLAP by Simon Doubt. It’s Simon’s experiment on learning OLAP during his stay on the PASS Summit. This is a very interesting concept and you should try it. The experiment has four key elements:

  • Focus on one goal
  • Isolation from regular work/life responsibilities
  • Immersion (in SQL Server)
  • Access to Resources (Experts, Community Members, Vendors, Books, etc.)

Go to Simon’s blog and read his 7-day chronicle on this experiment. I love hearing about other people’s self-study method. I’ll surely adopt this “sprint method” and incorporate it in my self-study effort.

If you remember I wrote SQL Server Training on a Budget which was published on MSSQLTips. In that article I suggested some tips that you can implement to effectively gain SQL Server skills without breaking the bank:

  • Set Your Goals
  • Create Your Study Plans
  • Invest in Tools
  • Set Your Training Hours
  • Get Help

If you adopt these methods and incorporate them in your self-study style, you got yourself an effective approach to learning SQL Server or any technology- agile and lean.

Author: Marlon Ribunal

I'm passionate about SQL Server. But I feel like I haven't reached my full potential yet. So, this is my mission: My purpose is to help people in their pursuit of growth and development; and, thereby, help myself realize my full potential as a professional, husband, father, christian, and human being.


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