by Marlon Ribunal

Getting Started With Power BI Desktop: Installation

Power BI is becoming popular for a lot of reasons. Simply put, Power BI is “BI on your fingertips.” Companies looking to adopt BI technology need not look further. Power BI is easy to learn with its intuitive tools. Gone are the days when building BI solutions always involve massive resources.

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by Marlon Ribunal

Finding gaps or missing dates in a date range using TSQL

Here’s a quick how-to on returning temporal data set that includes missing dates. Suppose you are tasked to query an employee’s “time sheet”. You’d want to return not only the days he’s reported to work but also all the days that he missed.

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by Marlon Ribunal

How to resequence column based on numeric prefix using TSQL

Beginning in version 2005, SQL Server is making manipulation of  partitioned set of rows easier by using Window Functions (ROW_NUMBER(), aggregate functions with OVER(), etc.). You can manipulate partitions of rows on the fly with Window Functions.

I’ve seen how complicated queries that require recursion were simplified by using combination of   […] Continue Reading…