SQL Operations Studio Chart

by Marlon Ribunal

SQL Operations Studio As Monitoring Dashboard

Microsoft as a company has entered a new phase of innovation under the leadership of their CEO Satya Nadella. In the database world, few of the things that came out of this innovation are SQL Server for Linux, Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Datawarehouse, etc. As the technology stack, […] Continue Reading…

Tech Reading List of 2018

by Marlon Ribunal

My Tech Reading List to Start the Year

My bold learning goals call for adequate preparation and proportionate action. Before plunging into the challenge, I need to get myself into a focused learning mode quickly. The most effective way for me to do that is by reading. If you are like me, every time that you want […] Continue Reading…

by Marlon Ribunal
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My Learning Goals for 2018

A couple of weeks ago, the SQL Server community had their last T-SQL Tuesday of the year – 97th since 2009 – hosted by Mala (b|t). T-SQL Tuesday, a brainchild of Adam Machanic (b|t), is a monthly blog party in which participant tech bloggers write about any given topic. The […] Continue Reading…