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Maintenance Tools

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Who Is Active

v 11.11

Adam Machanic 

Blog | @AdamMachanic

You can use this as replacement for the underpowered sp_who2 (or sp_who). According to Adam, “The Who is Active stored procedure correlates a large amount of data from 15 of the DMVs, to allow DBAs to get a complete picture when doing real-time activity monitoring.” Watch Brent’s How-To Video for Who Is Active.
SQL Server Maintenance Solution (Check website)

Ola Hallengren 


 According to Paul Randal, this is “the best starting point for building your own maintenance plan.” Need I say more?
Index Defrag Script v 4.1 

 Michelle Ufford 

Blog | @SQLFool

Effective script to defrag indexes on a database or multiple databases. Some of the features are defrag scheduling, defrag prioritizing, Optional stop-and-resume functionality, etc.
sp_BLITZ  (Check Website)  Brent Ozar

Blog | @BrentO

When you need to perform a fast health check on your SQL Server, this is the script you need. According to Brent Ozar, author of the script, “it helps you rapidly assess configuration, security, health, and performance issues.”
Statistics Parser (Check Website) Richie Rump (blog | twitter) “Sometimes reading SQL Server ouput from Statistics IO and Statistics Time can be a total drag. This page will help with that. Just paste in the output of Statistics IO and/or Statistics Time and press Parse. Your output will be formatted and totaled.” 
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Plugins / Apps

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SSMS  Tools Pack

v 2.1

Mladen Prajdić 

Blog @MladenPrajdic

According to it’s author, SSMS Tools Pack is an add-in for Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 2005, 2008, 2008 R2, Denali CTP3 and their respective Express versions.It contains a few upgrades to the SSMS IDE that were missing.

(Check Website)

George MastrosBlog@gmmastros “The purpose of SQL Cop is to highlight potential problems in your SQL Server database.” The app runs a check on your database against known Best Practices. The detected issues are connected to post articles that you can use to decide whether or not those issues are real problems that need to be fixed.  

(Check Website)

Bernardo Damele A. G (@inquisb) & Miroslav Stampar (@stamparm)  “sqlmap is an open source penetration testing tool that automates the process of detecting and exploiting SQL injection flaws and taking over of database servers. It comes with a powerful detection engine, many niche features for the ultimate penetration tester and a broad range of switches lasting from database fingerprinting, over data fetching from the database, to accessing the underlying file system and executing commands on the operating system via out-of-band connections.”
Enlarge AdventureWorks Sample Database Script

 (Check Website)

Jonathan KehayiasBlog@SQLPoolBoy “Creates an enlarged version of the AdventureWorks database for use in demonstrating SQL Server performance tuning and execution plan issues.”

(Check Website)

Adam MachanicBlog | @AdamMachanic  “SQLQueryStress is a free tool for SQL Server programmers. It is designed to assist with performance stress testing of T-SQL queries and routines. The tool automatically collects metrics to help you determine whether your queries will perform under load, and what kind of resource strain they put on your server.”
Reporting Services Scripter

(Check Website)

Jasper Smith “Reporting Services Scripter is a .NET Windows Forms application that enables scripting and transfer of all Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services catalog items to aid in transferring them from one server to another. It can also be used to easily move items on mass from one Reporting Services folder to another on the same server. Depending on the scripting options chosen, Reporting Services Scripter can also transfer all catalog item properties such as Descriptions, History options, Execution options (including report specific and shared schedules), Subscriptions (normal and data driven) and server side report parameters.”
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Tool Version Author Description
SQL Server First Responder Kit

(Check website)

Kendra Little

Blog | @Kendra_Little

“When your SQL Server is critically injured you need a first responder kit to help you diagnose the problem and apply emergency aid.” Watch the SQL Server First Responder Kit video.
SQL Server Database Maintenance Checklist

(Check website)

Brad M. McGehee


According to Brad, “the goal of this checklistis to help the database administrator document how he is currently maintaining his databases, and at the same time to help him establish database maintenance best practices.”
SQL Server Troubleshooting Checklist

(Check website)

 Brent OzarBlog | @BrentO  “If you work with a large team of SQL Server experts, you need a troubleshooting checklist just as much. As we all gain experience we all develop different ways of doing things. We each focus on different things and may interpret things differently.”
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Idera – http://www.idera.com/Free-Tools/

Redgate – http://www.red-gate.com/labs/free-tools/

Confio – http://www.ignitefree.com/sql-server

SQL Sentry – http://www.sqlsentry.com/plan-explorer/sql-server-query-view.asp